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Research and Creative Activity


MagLab MRI Machine Provides In-depth Analysis of Strokes
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Students Create Conceptual Interior Designs for MagLab
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Team Nets $4.5 Million to Further Nuclear Physics Research
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Research Offers New Way to Predict Hurricane Strength, Destruction
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What is FSU Research and Creative Activity?

Analyzing the long-term effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Understanding how people make decisions. Exploring new filmmaking techniques. Pushing the boundaries of alternative energy. Producing new and inspiring creative works of art. These are just a small sampling of the different types of research and creative activities taking place at FSU on a daily basis.

Research and creative activity is about discovery. It’s about having an idea and finding the right environment in which to explore that idea. At FSU, we take great pride in our ability to provide supportive environments for the exploration of all types of ideas; and with approximately $200 million in research expenditures each year, and more than 50 prominent research centers and institutes calling our campuses home, FSU continues to be one of the top idea-incubators in the nation.

Whatever Floats Your Boat Mixes Fun With Conservation


The number of world records held by the FSU-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab). The MagLab’s world records range from the highest magnetic field for a continuous field magnet (a Guinness World Record at 45 tesla) to the highest non-destructive magnetic field (100 tesla). Lab engineers continue to build even more powerful magnets for scientists from around the world to use in materials, energy and life research.