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Research and Creative Activity


A Special Message from the Vice President for Research

Gary Ostrander

Dr. Gary K. Ostrander

Welcome to our gateway for research and creative activity here at Florida State University.

If I were to ask a group of random people what they thought university research was all about, I would imagine the responses would be about as numerous and varied as the types of research and creative activity taking place here at FSU.

Some might say that university research is only there to help train future engineers, artists, scientists and other professionals. Some might conclude that our research efforts are more fundamental in nature, exploring the boundaries of knowledge without any specific goals. And others might envision an entrepreneurial focus where university research could be used to generate revenue and provide benefits that can positively impact people in the here and now.

Truth be told, each of those opinions would be right, as FSU’s research and creative activity efforts serve to do each of those things, and more. That means that the work our researchers are doing each and every day has a ripple effect that radiates through our local community, our national economy and even into our daily lives when we travel on an airplane, play with our smart phone, go to the doctor, watch a film or TV show, go fishing, catch a play, eat a meal, read a book – the list is truly endless.

But, these types of successful research outcomes don’t happen in a vacuum. They take talent, creative thinking and a desire to move our civilization forward in positive, lasting ways. FSU is full of these types of award winning, accomplished individuals whose achievements continue to gain national and international recognition. These “big thinkers” use their cutting-edge research to not only propel our society forward, but to enrich the classroom experiences of our students and inspire the next generation of creators, performers and doers.

And speaking of inspiring students, FSU also happens to be a huge supporter of student research and creative activities. We actively encourage our students to do more than just listen to lectures and read textbooks. We want them in our laboratories, on our stages, in our studios and anywhere else they can put their knowledge and ideas into actual practice. After all, the more hands-on they get, the more fantastic their skills become.

I hope you will stay for a bit and browse around to get a good sense of the amazing things our research and creative activity efforts are accomplishing, as well as explore all the research opportunities we have to offer. There is a big idea waiting there in all of us and FSU excels in helping you find it.


Gary K. Ostrander
Vice President for Research